Monday, 4 January 2016

I haven't updated blog for a while as personal life sort of went belly up for a bit but all good now.
I managed to finish and display my Christmas bunting. It looked really good. Christmas went by quickly. We had a good time and managed to get to the cinema twice... Star wars and spectre. I have boys... What can I say. I did try to get them to see Charlie Brown.
2015 finished quietly with me slamming the door on it... So perhaps not so quietly. Most people seem to have had a rough year. My highlights I guess were my eldest getting his grades and getting to uni. Oh and getting to Wembley.. And winning! Now that was amazing! Seriously wonderful!
Oh and repeatedly beating the filth (Ipswich for those of you who aren't footie fans).
Have managed to crochet a scarf and matching wrist warmers. Will post a picture later.
Happy new year everyone. Hope it's full of fun and laughter, health and happiness xx

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