Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A study of daisies

I am considering adding daisies to my blanket so have been doing a little study.

I've produced two crocheted daisies in a very rough format so far but still think I need to change them a little bit 

I tried two different yellow centres but definitely think the yellow on the right is closer to the real thing. 

I took a few other photos of the garden which I've added. I can't wait till they are all out in bloom. Hopefully it will be a cacophony of beautiful colours.

Pretty honeysuckle

 I love sitting in my duck egg blue chair,  in the Sun,  reading a book and having a cheeky cuppa between clients.
Yesterday a little bumble bee came to join me.  It's really lovely knowing the plants are helping the bumble bees.

And just having flowers inside makes the room so pretty and colourful. 

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