Sunday, 2 July 2017

Time flying

It doesn't seem so long ago that thing2 started school and I was left with some peace and quiet during the day but all of a sudden time is slipping out through my fingers and its nearly time for him to leave. One more year.

Last weekend we reached a monumental moment in life when we visited Birmingham university and this weekend Loughborough.  650 miles covered along the road to thing 2 starting out on his own path. 

With his brother year's study leave in Canada 9 months from end of August, this next year will be a very emotional ride and not one I'm particularly looking forward to. 

As excited and happy as I am for them,  a big part of my life is slipping away and times are changing.

I guess after all this there will be more time for crochet and on that theme I have started a lap blanket in ripple effect for my mum's birthday in October.  
Pictures posted of progress to follow

Happy Sunday everyone and cuddle those children lots x

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