Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Autumn has arrived

Autumn has arrived and its bought cooler days with still some Sun breaking through.  But its that time of year when you start to think about snuggling down on the sofa,  under the numerous blankets already made  and contemplate which big blanket I want to make this winter.

I so enjoyed all the stitches I used with my small blanket (see last post ) that I wanted to keep that theme going.  So I've started my new blanket of granny squares.
It's at this point I want to give credit to Nadia from Yarnutopia as at the moment I'm using her blog on 365 days of granny squares and picking the ones that appeal.  Some of these are made by others and the credit is on yarnutopia's site.

Nadia has done brilliant YouTube demos for these squares which are easy to follow but boy does this girl know how to crochet quickly. I thought I was relatively fast but she's a whizz!
Thank you Nadia 😀

So this is my progress so far.  Some of the squares are still to be joined in but i will do a few more before i do a joining session.  I'm joining them with double crochet (uk)

Ah that's the only problem with Yarnutopia. Nadia is American so you are constantly converting the stitches in your head to UK terms lol

This gives you an idea of progress but I haven't steamed it yet so the flowers look a bit all over the place and the heart needs to lay down,

But I'm loving the scatter gun colourfulness. Something different to look at with each square and a variety of stitches 😊
Happy days

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