Beanie hat

For this I used a 6mm hook and Stylecraft Special DK yarn

Round 1
Ch5, ss to form loop
12tr into loop  =  12 stitches

Round 2
Ch2 + 1tr (into bottom stitch of chain so to create an increase, two stitches in one)
2tr into each of the 11 remaining stitches   =   24 stitches

Round 3
2tr into next stitch (to create an increase)
1tr in next stitch (ie no increase)
repeat 2tr, 1tr all the way round   =  36 stitches

Round 4
ch 2
In separate stitches 1tr, 2tr, 1tr, 1tr, 2tr, 1tr, 1tr, 2tr, 1tr, 1tr follow pattern til the end   =  48 stitches

Round 5
ch2, 1tr, 1tr, 2tr, 1tr, 1tr, 1tr, 2tr, repeat to end   = 60 stitches

Round 6
last round of increases
ch 2, 1tr x 8
1tr x 9
1tr x 9
repeat til end   = 66 stitches

Round 7 onwards
ch2, 1tr into each stitch going round = 66 stitches

keep doing rounds as per round 7 until you find your desired size
This will roughly be between 9-10 inches from top of beanie to the rim and a width across bottom row of about 22 inches

My beanie used the first 6 rounds and about 14 round 7's, making 20 rounds in total

but I also made a slightly smaller one with a total of 17 rounds.

For a teen to small ladies hat ie 20inches around the rim do rounds 1-5, skip 6 and carry on with 7

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