Daisy Chain Scarf

Row 1 centre of the flower. First colour
Magic circle to begin
Crochet 12 trebles into circle and fasten with a slip knot into the top of first treble

Row 2 the petals. Change colour
Slip stitch into top of one of the trebles
1dc into treble and then chain 14
1dc into same treble

1dc into next treble, 14 chain, 1dc into treble

Repeat until have 1 petal for each treble ie 12 in total
Fasten off with slip stitch into last dc

Row 3 outer circle of daisy. Change colour
Slip stitch into top of one of the petals, 1dc into petal and chain 6
1dc into top of next petal, chain 6

Continue until all petals linked

Slip stitch into first dc to finish and fasten off

Join daisies by sewing together and fastening with small knot to make secure

I joined mine at an angle but you can choose whatever pattern you prefer.

You can use whichever three colours you want. The ones above are very daisy like colours but you can choose which colours suit you or an outfit. Or just use one or two colours

I used a total of 24 daisies in my scarf with a 4.00mm hook.

Happy daisy chain scarf making

(Ps these can be worked in about 2 days. Very simple and quick to make)

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