Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I've just realised... Being new to all of this that I've never really introduced myself.
My name is Roz and it would be lovely to say hello.
Apart from falling in love with crochet, I spend my working days as a sports massage therapist. You wouldn't believe how much crochet I can get done between clients ! I also do reflexology and some other complementary therapies.

I have two sons A (17 and hoping to go off to uni this year) and B (15 and i believe addicted to his iPad!)
We are all Norwich city football fans and love going to the home games. Tense times at the moment... Who will we get in the play offs.... Please don't let it be Ipswich.

Oh and last but not least I have a cat called bad Bob.
slightly mad, annoying but we love him

Im just adding a photo of two bags I've made recently as well.

Am a bit of a bag lady...I have probably 100 bags but these are the first two I've made myself. Am quite chuffed. I even designed the bottom one myself... Go me! Lol

I've been a bit busy over the last couple of weeks making a blanket. Haven't quite finished it but this is it so far....

Just need to finish some squares round the edge and then find a nice edging for it. Quite a nice quick blanket to make and quite pretty.

I did break off for a day to make my partner some dark green fingerless gloves. I know the weather is warmer but he likes to go fishing early in the morning when it's still a bit nippy.