Monday, 5 October 2015

Well I really am a rubbish blogger. I think the summer came (or I think it did) and I prefer to be outside. Plus my son got into uni of choice so it's been a bit mad for the last few weeks. So many forms to fill in and things to buy and trying to my head round him leaving! Life is just going to be different from now on.

But I am back to crocheting again. I think I prefer the feel of wool when my hands are cooler. Sum and wool doesn't always work for me. I've just about finished the shawl I was doing (about time!!) and I'm half way through a poncho. Will put pics on later.

Also have bought some pom pom makers and with my younger son we put together the equivalent of a pretty bow for my mums birthday present tomorrow. Well he helped as he ruined the bright pink one throwing and twirling it around the room. He made another.

You can just see it in the pics although thankfully does look a bit better than my photos suggest. 

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