Saturday, 30 January 2016


Not the greatest photos but was very hard to shoot and get the whole blanket in.  I think I need another 8 rows  (4 colours) and then just edging to do.

Getting there!

Well it's nearly the end of January and that's the worst month dealt with.  Leaving the God Janus behind means its time to stop looking back at what hasn't been a very good year and to start looking and forging ahead into the new one.
Lots going on. ...thing one (the eldest) is trying to sort his accommodation at uni for next year. ...very hard to help when he's 100 miles away.  But hopefully he will be back for the weekend very soon.  Thing two has just finished mocks so much happier. Fingers crossed for good results.
And me,  well I've decided to start looking after myself better after lots of stress and unhappiness last year.  Back to eating healthy (that doesn't count the wine...but its red so full of anti oxidants) and having fun.  I've been working soley on the granny stripe blanket.  It's getting heavy and while snug and warm across my legs at the moment, I think as the weather changes I may not enjoy its coziness so trying to get it finished. A few more rows and then just the edging to do.

New phone and tablet this week so trying desperately hard to conquer them. Probably would have done so by now if I was 7 years old!

Been very windy in this eastern corner for the last few days and house was a bit battered from the rain and wind last night.  Really hope that's the last and the weekend it's pleasant.  No football, home or away this weekend so a bit lost.  Time to get on with blanket I reckon.

Have a great weekend folks. ...please say hi if you read this. Would love to hear from you.
Bye for now xx

Monday, 18 January 2016

Thinking of hibernating!

Well that's how I feel at the moment. Hibernation is definitely sounding a good idea. Eat lots and sleep until it gets warmer!
Definitely we are having it better here than in a lot of other areas but after writing about the perfect sunny January day the weather turned. Thursday brought in odd flurries of snow during the day and a complete blizzard in the evening. Nothing much laid but it's sooo cold.
Guess it didn't help that I was half way through the school run when I realised I still had my flip flops on.
Have started a new project making mini granny squares to sew together to make a tablet case. Will add photos later once I've steamed them. Not sure on sizing yet so may need to make more but nice to do something quick.
The granny stripe blanket is still ongoing. Will post pics of that too... Have added a few rows last week.
Happy Monday! Xx

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Projects complete!

I forgot to show you the completed blanket that I made for Bad Bob to sleep on. And what better photo than Bob himself on said blanket.
Looks as cute as can be doesn't he... But don't be fooled! He's been driving me mad wanting to go outside every 5 minutes and as soon as he's out...yup he wants to come back in for another sleep. It's just exhausting being a cat!

I also finished (but I might add some flowers on yet...), the new tv remote holder. Only finished it yesterday..

It works well draped over the sofa arm. A really good place to store the remotes... Within easy reach... Never to be lost again! Only problem is I came down this morning and obviously the elves had been out in the night and left them on the sofa..mmmm

Lovely sunny day today.... As I sat on the sofa finishing my tax returns (rain may have been more appropriate!) The sun shone through. How wonderful. Blue skies and sunshine on a January day. Perfect!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Worst start to a day ever!

Well OK, slight exaggeration, but... Who else thinks that their kettle breaking down before you manage your first cup of tea in the morning is just incredible bad luck.
I did manage to dig out an old one from the depths of my garage but can't remember why it lurks there. Working or not working. Will test it out after school run. Perhaps will feel more with it after my cuppa.
But no! It's obviously not meant to be... Just before we get to the school we realise that despite having plenty of time to sit around before we leave Ben has failed to pick up his lunch and drink. So ensues another mad dash to school to deliver and so taking up my precious cup of tea before first client arrives time. Ahhhh!!!
The day can only get better..... Hopefully....

Monday, 4 January 2016

I haven't updated blog for a while as personal life sort of went belly up for a bit but all good now.
I managed to finish and display my Christmas bunting. It looked really good. Christmas went by quickly. We had a good time and managed to get to the cinema twice... Star wars and spectre. I have boys... What can I say. I did try to get them to see Charlie Brown.
2015 finished quietly with me slamming the door on it... So perhaps not so quietly. Most people seem to have had a rough year. My highlights I guess were my eldest getting his grades and getting to uni. Oh and getting to Wembley.. And winning! Now that was amazing! Seriously wonderful!
Oh and repeatedly beating the filth (Ipswich for those of you who aren't footie fans).
Have managed to crochet a scarf and matching wrist warmers. Will post a picture later.
Happy new year everyone. Hope it's full of fun and laughter, health and happiness xx