Saturday, 30 January 2016

Getting there!

Well it's nearly the end of January and that's the worst month dealt with.  Leaving the God Janus behind means its time to stop looking back at what hasn't been a very good year and to start looking and forging ahead into the new one.
Lots going on. ...thing one (the eldest) is trying to sort his accommodation at uni for next year. ...very hard to help when he's 100 miles away.  But hopefully he will be back for the weekend very soon.  Thing two has just finished mocks so much happier. Fingers crossed for good results.
And me,  well I've decided to start looking after myself better after lots of stress and unhappiness last year.  Back to eating healthy (that doesn't count the wine...but its red so full of anti oxidants) and having fun.  I've been working soley on the granny stripe blanket.  It's getting heavy and while snug and warm across my legs at the moment, I think as the weather changes I may not enjoy its coziness so trying to get it finished. A few more rows and then just the edging to do.

New phone and tablet this week so trying desperately hard to conquer them. Probably would have done so by now if I was 7 years old!

Been very windy in this eastern corner for the last few days and house was a bit battered from the rain and wind last night.  Really hope that's the last and the weekend it's pleasant.  No football, home or away this weekend so a bit lost.  Time to get on with blanket I reckon.

Have a great weekend folks. ...please say hi if you read this. Would love to hear from you.
Bye for now xx

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