Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Projects complete!

I forgot to show you the completed blanket that I made for Bad Bob to sleep on. And what better photo than Bob himself on said blanket.
Looks as cute as can be doesn't he... But don't be fooled! He's been driving me mad wanting to go outside every 5 minutes and as soon as he's out...yup he wants to come back in for another sleep. It's just exhausting being a cat!

I also finished (but I might add some flowers on yet...), the new tv remote holder. Only finished it yesterday..

It works well draped over the sofa arm. A really good place to store the remotes... Within easy reach... Never to be lost again! Only problem is I came down this morning and obviously the elves had been out in the night and left them on the sofa..mmmm

Lovely sunny day today.... As I sat on the sofa finishing my tax returns (rain may have been more appropriate!) The sun shone through. How wonderful. Blue skies and sunshine on a January day. Perfect!

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