Monday, 18 January 2016

Thinking of hibernating!

Well that's how I feel at the moment. Hibernation is definitely sounding a good idea. Eat lots and sleep until it gets warmer!
Definitely we are having it better here than in a lot of other areas but after writing about the perfect sunny January day the weather turned. Thursday brought in odd flurries of snow during the day and a complete blizzard in the evening. Nothing much laid but it's sooo cold.
Guess it didn't help that I was half way through the school run when I realised I still had my flip flops on.
Have started a new project making mini granny squares to sew together to make a tablet case. Will add photos later once I've steamed them. Not sure on sizing yet so may need to make more but nice to do something quick.
The granny stripe blanket is still ongoing. Will post pics of that too... Have added a few rows last week.
Happy Monday! Xx

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