Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter

Spent the day at the parents with my boys.  We did a big Easter egg hunt.  The boys searching for cadbury caramel eggs and the parents searching for Cadbury creme eggs.  Just proving that you can never be too old for Easter egg hunting fun.

Friday, 25 March 2016

You know he's back from uni when. ...

The washing line is full and you have run out of pegs....

Thank scrunchie it's Friday

And even better,  it's good Friday so not working.  And even better than that the Sun is out and I'm sitting crocheting in the back garden with the Sun on my face.  I had nearly forgotten how lovely it feels. I really really need a bit of Sun.  My inner energy levels have been flagging. 

Anyway,  to get back to scrunchie time.  I made these in a couple of hours. I found the pattern on pintrest  but can't remember the site name to acknowledge. ..edit to follow. 

I will also put the pattern on a page soon. 

Sorry my hair isn't looking neater but seriously I can't believe how long its getting

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Here comes the Sun

Well not really.  Don't get too excited and rush to look out the window. Especially as its nearly 5.30pm and frankly the Sun hasn't come out with his hat on all day.

No it's my latest,  and probably last, blooming flower cushion.

Very different to the last two.  Like a great big fireball.
Brightens up the room wonderfully.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Peace and Quiet

Well its Sunday at last and the house is eventually quiet and peaceful with just me and the Bobster present. The eldest is still at uni until next weekend (would say I can't wait for him to come home, I miss him so much but I know his washing pile was overflowing a week ago, if Christmas is anything to go by.... eeek!) and the young one (who cost us a fortune in new clothes yesterday) has gone to his Dads for the day. So just me and the Bob cat.
Not that he is really much company having been out all night and subsequently been fed and nourished, and now curled up on the sofa sound asleep.

So I decided to add a couple of patterns onto my list.
I've never really written out patterns for anyone else to follow so if you find that I've written part of a pattern in a very Roz way, then please say and I will try to amend it so that it is easier to follow. I can perhaps, try and do a picture as well.... maybe one day I can do many pictures or a video but that's a bit technical just for right now.

I have more to add but that is it for today.. Washing, ironing (need to get on top of my own before uni pile lands on me) await.

Plus the finishing off of another blooming flower cushion... well I have to do a little bit of crochet a day!

Take care, have a lovely Sunday whatever you are doing

Roz xx

Friday, 18 March 2016

Wax and wane

Have just had a delivery of my massage wax.  As summer is just around the corner (please please please), I have ordered a nice zest one for the ladies. Lemon and mandarin, just smells so lovely.  Really fresh.  In the winter i use orange spice which always gives the impression of warmth and coziness. I love working with these waxes and clients prefer them too.  Above all they are natural.

The men,  for some reason,  don't like smelling lovely so I use the sports massage one for them which had no scent but still good for the skin.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

My other favourite thing. ..

Handbags. ..I must have about 100. Can you have too many?

So back to crochet. are a couple I made earlier. ..

My first attempt at crochet. ...ever.

This one has a dividing section as well

A little bit about pictureboard style

My first and still on going love affair

A little bit about what I do in between the crochet

What most people come for. ..pain. be sorted out obviously

And yes it does work

You will find me here every Saturday home game, come Sun, rain, wind, snow, appalling defeats or fantastic wins  OTBC

A canary Barclay girl

Ha ha that's all I have to say

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Yarn yarn yarn

I think I need more storage space but doesn't it look brilliant with all those vibrant colours just shouting out to be made into something wonderful and colourful? I'm not sure how I find time to work but thankfully working from home gives me that freedom to pick up and put down between clients 

This is an idea that came from Lucy at attic24.  She uses pegs to store small amounts of yarn which she then uses to choose colours for projects.  What a great idea and one I bet a few of us have copied. 

New project complete

Project completed and in record time!

Another cushion cover but not round like the last two.  In fact this is just covering an old and rather boring grey cushion I had.  Much more funky now.

I an attempting to do this with a few cushions so watch this space

Oh and did you notice. ...second post of the day and its not quite 8am!
On the ball today. ..

Scarves Galore!

Thought I would show you all the scarves I've crocheted over the past year.  I think I went a bit scarf mad. ..I only have one neck after all.
I have patterns for most of them so will try and upload these overt the next few days. ...keep an eyen on my pages button where I will store my patterns.

This scarf is stripy and funky so great for the young ones too.  I made it double thickness as well so brilliant for those really cold days

I used a cluster stitch for this scarf but did it half and half so I could choose which one I wanted to see the most of.  A but unusual but nice and warm. 

I used a ripple wave stitch.  I adapted this from a ripple wave blanket I had made. Not quite so thick as the previous scarves but sometimes it's nice just to wear with a jumper

The same scarf as above but in more Mexican style colours. Very autumnal. 

My daisy chain scarf.  Delicate and pretty.  Great to wear with an outfit but surprisingly warmer than it looks

This daisy chain scarf goes with anything as so many colours

My poem poem scarf.  Very girly. I even decided to do matching beanie and wrist warmers to match.  See below picture

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Excited or what!!

Perhaps only fellow crocheters or knitters will understand this but I've just had a new delivery of yarn
Oh my goodness, ....isn't it just lovely....
(That was obviously a statement and not a question)

Wool warehouse send them out in a net bag which I use to keep projects in as I go along. ..brilliant. I only ordered these on Sunday. ..well impressed with their service (today is Tuesday).

Here is next pic of my green squares, just sewing up to go. ...

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Answers on a postcard please

These squares are so quick to do.  I've done 17 over this weekend.
But what will they become? Answers on a postcard please. ...
Watch this space

Aren't they a lovely blend of blues and greens?

Bloomin' Bright

I have finished cushion no. 2. What do you think of the colours?
Stylecraft special do fiesta, bright green and denim,  with a plain denim back.

And this one compares the two

Different but both very bright.  Have another cushion insert to cover. ....trying to decide what colours to do.
Spent this afternoon buying another lot of wool from wool warehouse.  Mmmm so much choice. It's like trying to choose sweets from a well stocked sweet shop when you just want everything! Greedy!

Friday, 11 March 2016

Top marks!

My son's catering exam.  Two courses with an American theme.  Out of 40 points he achieved 40. Fantastic! His teacher told him it was the first time she had ever given top marks to any student but couldn't find anything to mark him down on.  Food preparation, waste management,  health and hygiene. ...he did it perfectly.  Am very proud.

Thursday, 3 March 2016


Well the weatherman failed again to predict the weather.  No snow forecast for us yesterday but with hail,  wintry showers and then full blown thick covering snow. ...yup I think they were slightly wrong. ..again.  They must be the only people who can continually get it wrong and get paid well.
Even the BBC weather app didn't get updated which usually happens. ..Not even sure why they do a 5 day forecast when they change it every day.
Rant over. ...calm again.  And at least today we can see some blue skies which make the world seem limitless and not hemmed in by those awful white blanket clouds.
I love blue sky days.