Sunday, 20 March 2016

Peace and Quiet

Well its Sunday at last and the house is eventually quiet and peaceful with just me and the Bobster present. The eldest is still at uni until next weekend (would say I can't wait for him to come home, I miss him so much but I know his washing pile was overflowing a week ago, if Christmas is anything to go by.... eeek!) and the young one (who cost us a fortune in new clothes yesterday) has gone to his Dads for the day. So just me and the Bob cat.
Not that he is really much company having been out all night and subsequently been fed and nourished, and now curled up on the sofa sound asleep.

So I decided to add a couple of patterns onto my list.
I've never really written out patterns for anyone else to follow so if you find that I've written part of a pattern in a very Roz way, then please say and I will try to amend it so that it is easier to follow. I can perhaps, try and do a picture as well.... maybe one day I can do many pictures or a video but that's a bit technical just for right now.

I have more to add but that is it for today.. Washing, ironing (need to get on top of my own before uni pile lands on me) await.

Plus the finishing off of another blooming flower cushion... well I have to do a little bit of crochet a day!

Take care, have a lovely Sunday whatever you are doing

Roz xx

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