Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Scarves Galore!

Thought I would show you all the scarves I've crocheted over the past year.  I think I went a bit scarf mad. ..I only have one neck after all.
I have patterns for most of them so will try and upload these overt the next few days. ...keep an eyen on my pages button where I will store my patterns.

This scarf is stripy and funky so great for the young ones too.  I made it double thickness as well so brilliant for those really cold days

I used a cluster stitch for this scarf but did it half and half so I could choose which one I wanted to see the most of.  A but unusual but nice and warm. 

I used a ripple wave stitch.  I adapted this from a ripple wave blanket I had made. Not quite so thick as the previous scarves but sometimes it's nice just to wear with a jumper

The same scarf as above but in more Mexican style colours. Very autumnal. 

My daisy chain scarf.  Delicate and pretty.  Great to wear with an outfit but surprisingly warmer than it looks

This daisy chain scarf goes with anything as so many colours

My poem poem scarf.  Very girly. I even decided to do matching beanie and wrist warmers to match.  See below picture

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