Sunday, 24 April 2016

Bleak Sunday

Good morning
I hope the weather outside looks better where you are.
Here in Norwich we had blue skies at it's an hour or so later and the grey has moved in.  I guess the rain will follow.
It reminds me of the Madness song "it's raining again, I can hear the pitter patter down"
But on the bright side,  because there always has to be a bright side to make the day a good day. ..I've just designed my template for my Summer Pastel Blanket.
Don't often work with pale colours so this will be interesting.

Here is my pattern. ...lots of squares involved. ..eek

I'm going to use the traditional granny square.  Had played about with a few others but hard to get exact sizes to work.
I've started off with three colours Wisteria, Fondant and Spring Green

But need to add more colours mmmm

The apricot and lemon look good. Not sure about the cream and parchment.  A bit bland?  Or would they work to balance the whole thing? I don't want a sickly sweet blanket.
And possibly a pale blue
As always,  am totally disorganised and have started before thinking it through.
Get excited and can't wait that is my problem ha ha!
But,  as usual,  in my own chaotic way,  I will get there.

Happy Sunday everyone and watch this space xx

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