Sunday, 22 May 2016

Quintessentially English

One thing I love about the summer,  amid all the fetes and fairs that crop up around us in abundance, is the beautifully colourful bunting.  With all the pretty colours of the rainbow,  it brightens up everywhere and gives a sense of  joyfulness.

A few years ago,  while visiting around the harbour,  quay area of Poole (south coast in beautiful Dorset), I wandered into a gift shop and found some very Cath Kidston style bunting in plastic.  Although I've used it a couple of times to decorate a gazebo,  I'm aware that it  sits in a draw unseen for most of the year. Conscious that we should always enjoy things now rather than leaving them for later (because what if later doesn't come), I dug it out and strung it up along the fence.

Over the winter I had also made lots of crochet triangles and so,  I strung them all together on a chain stitch chain,  and hung them on the opposite fence. I figured even if it rained they would soon dry.

Now my garden looks bright and colourful,  just like a village fete without the white elephant and tombola

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