Sunday, 15 May 2016

Summer blanket

Well I have been crocheting my heart out last couple days and this is where I am now.
I have completed 67 squares, a mixture of the four sizes and colours.
This morning I have blocked and steamed them. ..gosh that's a really tedious job but it has to be done

Here are my steaming photos

And the next lot

And the next lot

And the next lot

I took this picture (above) to illustrate the difference between those that have been blocked and steamed and those that haven't. You can see how much more curled up the unsteamed ones are.  I did mine on my ironing board with pins, then you hold the iron just above the wool and press the stream button,  moving iron slowly across the area

This is my progress so far.  Above with squares done so far and below the amount covered so far.  I think I'm nearly a third of the way there. 

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