Friday, 24 June 2016

A funny ole week

So much has happened this week.  My lovely thing 1 turned 19 on 21st June, which was the same day thing 2 finished his education at gcse level sparking Celebrations all round.  Chinese takeaway enjoyed by all.  We were going to spend the day walking on the beach (and yes it was sunny enough) but thing 1 landed himself a summer job and has worked hard all week.
The biggest event of all had to be the referendum to opt out of the EU for which we voted 'out' making an historic moment in Britain's history.
And on the same day the rain came down,  and come down it did.  Just look at my pics.  Taken of my patio, just outside the French doors.  Have never seen it like this before

Getting submerged

 A little bit later

View from above
Rain rain go away! 

Bob's water bowl is submerged.  At least I won't have to refill it

Saturday, 18 June 2016

African flower time

Well I haven't ditched the blanket,  but I have seen so many lovely items made with African flowers on pinterest that I've been temporarily side tracked.

Perhaps it's the awful weather that East Anglia seems to be having at the moment that makes me want to go back to my bright colours for just a little while.

What do you think?

I've used all Stylecraft special dk, the middle is Lavender,  the petals are Fiesta,  then Sage, with the surround in turquoise.

I have done pattern instructions on a separate page.  It's based on 2 or  3 flower patterns from pinterest but I changed or combined them.

Happy African flowering xx

Monday, 13 June 2016

Happy 5th birthday

The Bobster turned 5 today,  we always find it amazing he makes it to another year.  He's had tin cans and crisp packets stuck on his head,  chewed through cables (it was interesting conversation with talk talk about no internet before we realised), got lost for 5 days during the coldest spell and turned up with 30 plus ticks attached to him (February?  Ticks?), shut in next doors house for two days,  amongst many other adventures. 

He loves cardboard boxes although I think the treats that Thing 2 put in there helped.  

At the moment he's snoozing the day away in a big red bean bag. I'm guessing he will mysteriously wake up when the roast chicken comes out of the oven for tea.  Obviously it's always cooked just for him. ...

So happy 5th birthday Bad Bob (he's been that since the internet cable moment), you are a pain in the bum but we wouldn't be without you. 

Ps....don't ever get a white cat. ...grrrv white hair lol

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Meet the Bobster

As Monday 13th heralds Bad Bob's 5th birthday,  a birthday we never thought he would get to,  I thought we would take a look at a few recent pics if the mischievous bobcat

Biscuits always taste the best just at the point when the box is opened and the tub refilled 

What me? 

 I know I have fresh water put down for me daily but it just doesn't taste the same as this stagnant water,  in a mucky dirty dish outside.

Hide and seek

Then they won't spot me taking another drink of that lovely water 

If I just back my bottom into here they won't spot me 

Aah not quite as stealthily done as I thought

Is anyone there to let me in?  I know I've been out less than 5 minutes

They will never spot me in here!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Just a quickie

This is blanket progress so far

 If you look closely you can just see that the squares stitched together represent those that have been crossed through on the colour chart.
Still a lot of stitching to do.  It's tricky,  quite infuriating at times but actually not so boring as standard squares.  It should hopefully look lovely when finished and edged.

And just to give you an idea of how many squares there are left to crochet. ..well that will be anything that's still not coloured in Orange. ..eek

All in all this blanket is proving a challenge because you need a plan.  
First which squares will be placed where,  what colours will they be,  have I done too many pink and not enough lemon.  Have I got two the same colour joined together.  Am I stitching them all in the right place.  
And. ...grrr I seem to have run out of twos already. ..

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Can someone stop the merry go round...i want to get off!

Sorry I haven't fine an update for a few days.  The blanket is going well but the Sun came out so I made the most of the  sunshine time reading in the back garden.
I will try and take a photo off blanket status soon. ...I have started to sew together so not crocheted much but its definitely a fiddly one to bring all the different sizes into the equivalent of a patchwork blanket.

The flowers in my garden are blooming well.  I went with thing2 to a local car boot in Aylsham on the Saturday of bank holiday weekend and we brought a few more plants and tubs.  It's lovely having so much colour around us.

We also collected thing 1 from uni Saturday.  It's been excellent news as he has passed his first year exams.  Not so good that there seems to be a mountain of stuff that has to be put away until September. ...Mmmm
But he is now looking forward to his next field trip to Switzerland before uni starts again.  Lucky boy! 
It is so good to have him back for 3 months. Happy and proud mum. 
Just need thing 2 to finish and pass his gcses now. Getting there!