Friday, 24 June 2016

A funny ole week

So much has happened this week.  My lovely thing 1 turned 19 on 21st June, which was the same day thing 2 finished his education at gcse level sparking Celebrations all round.  Chinese takeaway enjoyed by all.  We were going to spend the day walking on the beach (and yes it was sunny enough) but thing 1 landed himself a summer job and has worked hard all week.
The biggest event of all had to be the referendum to opt out of the EU for which we voted 'out' making an historic moment in Britain's history.
And on the same day the rain came down,  and come down it did.  Just look at my pics.  Taken of my patio, just outside the French doors.  Have never seen it like this before

Getting submerged

 A little bit later

View from above
Rain rain go away! 

Bob's water bowl is submerged.  At least I won't have to refill it

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