Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Can someone stop the merry go round...i want to get off!

Sorry I haven't fine an update for a few days.  The blanket is going well but the Sun came out so I made the most of the  sunshine time reading in the back garden.
I will try and take a photo off blanket status soon. ...I have started to sew together so not crocheted much but its definitely a fiddly one to bring all the different sizes into the equivalent of a patchwork blanket.

The flowers in my garden are blooming well.  I went with thing2 to a local car boot in Aylsham on the Saturday of bank holiday weekend and we brought a few more plants and tubs.  It's lovely having so much colour around us.

We also collected thing 1 from uni Saturday.  It's been excellent news as he has passed his first year exams.  Not so good that there seems to be a mountain of stuff that has to be put away until September. ...Mmmm
But he is now looking forward to his next field trip to Switzerland before uni starts again.  Lucky boy! 
It is so good to have him back for 3 months. Happy and proud mum. 
Just need thing 2 to finish and pass his gcses now. Getting there! 

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