Monday, 13 June 2016

Happy 5th birthday

The Bobster turned 5 today,  we always find it amazing he makes it to another year.  He's had tin cans and crisp packets stuck on his head,  chewed through cables (it was interesting conversation with talk talk about no internet before we realised), got lost for 5 days during the coldest spell and turned up with 30 plus ticks attached to him (February?  Ticks?), shut in next doors house for two days,  amongst many other adventures. 

He loves cardboard boxes although I think the treats that Thing 2 put in there helped.  

At the moment he's snoozing the day away in a big red bean bag. I'm guessing he will mysteriously wake up when the roast chicken comes out of the oven for tea.  Obviously it's always cooked just for him. ...

So happy 5th birthday Bad Bob (he's been that since the internet cable moment), you are a pain in the bum but we wouldn't be without you. 

Ps....don't ever get a white cat. ...grrrv white hair lol

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