Thursday, 9 June 2016

Just a quickie

This is blanket progress so far

 If you look closely you can just see that the squares stitched together represent those that have been crossed through on the colour chart.
Still a lot of stitching to do.  It's tricky,  quite infuriating at times but actually not so boring as standard squares.  It should hopefully look lovely when finished and edged.

And just to give you an idea of how many squares there are left to crochet. ..well that will be anything that's still not coloured in Orange. ..eek

All in all this blanket is proving a challenge because you need a plan.  
First which squares will be placed where,  what colours will they be,  have I done too many pink and not enough lemon.  Have I got two the same colour joined together.  Am I stitching them all in the right place.  
And. ...grrr I seem to have run out of twos already. ..

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