Saturday, 11 June 2016

Meet the Bobster

As Monday 13th heralds Bad Bob's 5th birthday,  a birthday we never thought he would get to,  I thought we would take a look at a few recent pics if the mischievous bobcat

Biscuits always taste the best just at the point when the box is opened and the tub refilled 

What me? 

 I know I have fresh water put down for me daily but it just doesn't taste the same as this stagnant water,  in a mucky dirty dish outside.

Hide and seek

Then they won't spot me taking another drink of that lovely water 

If I just back my bottom into here they won't spot me 

Aah not quite as stealthily done as I thought

Is anyone there to let me in?  I know I've been out less than 5 minutes

They will never spot me in here!

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