Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Just a quick one

Thought I would just nip in and share something I've been working on since i finished the hexagon blanket.
I had a square red coffee table from Ikea which just looked a bit boring so decided to cover it.
I love the outcome even if I had no idea what it was gong to look like when I started.  I just made it up as I went along.

Well I've got to go, take thing 2 to sixth form and then a heavy day of clients.
Happy Wednesday. ..and yey it's the middle of the week 😊

Friday, 7 April 2017

Long time no see

Wow can't believe that nearly 10 months has gone by since I wrote my last post. I had to give up doing the blog and crochet because I gave myself a pretty bad case of Rsi and needed to sort it out before it got worse.  I banned myself from picking up a crochet hook for six months or so and only tentatively went back to it about November time.

My hexagon blanket has been the result of this winter's work

This its so nice and easy to do.  And much easier on my arms than the granny stitch blanket which weighed so heavy even though it's beautiful.  Doing small hexagons to sew into a blanket was much  less taxing on my muscles.
i think using my arms for work with quite an intensity they couldn't cope with the extra strain and work has to come first.

Thing 1 has nearly finished year2 of uni and Thing 2 is starting to look at unis for next year. The time is just flowing so fast.

It's nice to have some warmer weather poking through at last. Its been a tough start to 2017 for our family and the Sun makes you feel positive and full of renewed energy again.