Monday, 28 August 2017

Busy busy

Well life  has been hectic this last month and emotions have been all over the place.
With a cooler time in July and start of August I made my mum a ripple blanket that she can use one way folded as a lap blanket or a long thin version to lay on the settee with.

i don't have a complete photo,  gave it to her without taking a picture silly me but this is a snap shot of the corner.  I'm loving the colours which will match her living room well

Then last weekend I we went camping,  the boys and i. Just local but it gave us a few days to chill relax and spend some lovely time together before Friday when thing 1 flew to Canada for the start of 10 months study abroad on Vancouver island.  So proud of him but gosh I'm going to miss him.

To keep myself busy,  and my mine not on him going,  i started a lap blanket for myself.  I followed a pattern to begin with but then made it up as I went along. It's the most fun I've had making something.  There are so many stitches and most I've never tried before.

It has the treble,  half treble and double crochet that we all know and love but also the following stitches
Catherine wheel
Granny stitch
Moss  (or linen)
Larks foot
Block with 3 and 4 treble versions
And a wave border to finish

I absolutely love it.  Will be perfect for the winter. And so glad I finished it this morning as the weather is going to be lovely today and I didn't fancy that blanket over my legs.

Happy bank holiday Monday wherever you are and whatever you are doing

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