African Flower

I used a 4mm hook,  and Stylecraft special dk. I've shown the colours I used in each round but pick whichever colours you are drawn to

Start with a magic ring 
Round 1 - (lavender)
Ch3, Tr, 1ch
(2tr, 1ch) x 5
Ss to join in top of first ch3 

Round 2 - change colour (fiesta)
In each chain space from the previous row 
The first one ch3 1tr, 1ch, 2tr
(2tr, 1ch, 2tr) x 5
Ss to join in top of first ch3

Round 3 - same colour (although chart shows purple to make it clearer)
Slip stitch into the next chain space from previous row. 
In chain space from previous row:
Ch3, 6tr
(7tr) × 5
Ss to join in top of first ch3

Round 4 - change colour sage
Ss to join and the dc in top of each tr of previous row (i.e. 7 dcs) 
In middle of each petal stitch one long dc which goes down through row 2 of first fiesta pink row 
Make sure you stitch in your last long dc before you tie off 
Ss to join 

Round 5 - change colour turquoise
Ss  in first dc of a petal
1tr above first three dc's, then 1tr,  ch, 1tr in middle dc, then 1tr above remaining 3 dc's
I.e. it will create a row of 8 dc's with a 1ch between
Ss to join

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