Granny stripe blanket

Making my blanket I used a 4.5mm hook.
I chose colours that blended like 3 different pinks or greens but then put each blend against opposite colours to make a clash.
You could choose to do similar or blend all your colours, you could do a blanket all in greens and blues, pinks and purples or just clash every line.
I chose to do two lines of each colour before changing but again you could do any combination you want.
Play with colours first.  Think where you want to use your blanket or who you are making it for.

When you are ready Think how wide you want it.  To cover a bed or just your knees
Mine just about covered a king size bed. It was 200 chain stitches across.
You can use any width just make sure its a multiple of 3 plus 2
So mine was 66 x 3 =198 + 2 = 200

Do chain to width required

Row 1
Work 1dc in 2nd chain from hook and continue to the end

Row 2
1 tr into first stitch
* skip 2 stitches,  then work 3 tr's into next stitch (treble cluster)*
Repeat ** until 3 stitches left
Skip 2 stitches then work 2 trebles into last stitch
(You should have 2 trebles at the beginning and end of the row )

Row 3
Work out of the spaces between the clusters if the previous row

3tr into first 1st space between clusters
Work treble clusters along the row
Work 1tr into top of ch3 made at start of previous row and fasten off

Row 4
Tie in New colour
Insert hook through very first space of previous row (between the treble and cluster)
Draw new yarn through to front,  ch3, then war into same space (i.e. 2tr)
Treble clusters into each space to the end but just 2tr in final space and turn

Row 5
Work treble clusters into each space along.
To finish work 1tr into top stitch of the ch3 made at the start of the previous row and fasten off

Repeat rows 4 and 5

When I fished my blanket I did treble clusters all round the edges to make it look more complete.  At the corners I did 3tr, 3ch, 3tr.

Happy hooking xx

Many thanks again to Lucy at attic24. I did use the basis of her pattern for my blanket but colours and edging I added myself.

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