Cluster stitch

I used the cluster stitch on my two tone scarf. Its a nice thick stitch so lovely for a warm winter scarf but also ideal with my cluch bag

Im going to explain how to do the cluster stitch but its up to you what you use it for, scarf, blanket, a bag etc...

1.For this example we are going to chain 21 ( the chain can be as long as needed but needs to be divisible by 4 plus 1 extra)

2. crochet a singe row of double crochet along the chain starting from 2nd chain from the hook
(ie hook through, yarn over (yo) hook back through, yo, hook through both loops)

3. ch2 to give height at end and turn work around.

4. Treble crochet into first hook on chain (yo, hook thro, yo, pull back and hook thro 2, yo, hook thro remaining 2)
(always have a tr at start and end of row)

5. Two incomplete treble crochets to be worked into each stitch along the row
*yo, hook thro 1st stitch, yo, pull back thro, yo, pull thro 2 stitches only

repeat * into the same stitch
repeat * into the next stitch along
repeat * into that same next stitch

should end up with 5 loops on the hook and 4 incomplete treble crochets over 2 stitches
yo and pull thro all 5 loops

6. Finish bringing the cluster together with a single chain stitch

Repeat 5 and 6 along the row

7. Treble crochet at the end

8. ch 2 to give height and turn work around

9. Tr into first stitch

10. Work clusters into the single chain stitch at the top of the previous row cluster and the loop top left of the same previous cluster stitch

11. To finish work, stitch a single row of double crochet

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